Correlating Histopathology

Large-Scale Image Fusion in Digital Pathology

HistokatFusion combines the information from multiple images in histopathology using image registration. The technology has been used in biomarker research, AI development and to combine and evaluate different stains.


Award-winning performance

Projects using HistokatFusion

Automatic Annotations using Image Registration

Wouter Bulten et al., Epithelium segmentation using deep learning in H&E-stained prostate specimens with immunohistochemistry as reference standard. Nature Scientific Reports, 2019


Tumor Inflitrating Lymphocytes in Breast Cancer

Maschenka CA Balkenhol et al., Optimized tumour infiltrating lymphocyte assessment for triple negative breast cancer prognostics, The Breast, 2021


Virtual Staining

C. Mercan et al., Virtual Staining for Mitosis Detection in Breast Histopathology, IEEE 17th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2020


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Publications on HistokatFusion

Accuracy of Re-stained and Consecutive Section Registration

J. Lotz, N. Weiss, J. vd Laak, S. Heldmann, High-resolution Image Registration of Consecutive and Re-stained Sections in Histopathology. submitted, arxiv preprint, 2021


HistokatFusion wins 1st place at ANHIR challenge

J. Borovec et al., ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2020 


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Patch-Based Image Registration

J. Lotz, Combined Local and Global Image Registration and its Application to Large-Scale Images in Digital Pathology, Dissertation, University of Lübeck, 2020 


Easy to integrate

Integrate HistokatFusion from Python, C++ or use our serverless compute infrastructure on-demand.

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Validated on routine data

HistokatFusion has been validated on thousands of differently stained image pairs.

Its potential for the fast development of accurate AI solutions has been shown with our clinical research partners.

It has been proven to be fast, robust and accurate in an international challenge.

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Demo web application at histo.app

Upload slides (or use some of ours) and see the automatic image registration of whole slide images of HistokatFusion in action.

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